Saturday, June 28, 2014


I like these people! I like their passion. I like many of their policies. I can see why some are tempted to sit back and let these folks increase the numbers of the Republican Party. But there are problems.
Who are the local players in the local Republican party and local politics? One of the players is the RLC which is headed up by Jeff LeBlanc locally. He is a great guy and the people in the RLC are nice people that we Republicans have a great deal in common with, some of our "likes" and some of the things we are aggravated about in our party are given an articulate and excellent analysis by this group. But there are some things that should forever divide us too.

Many lean more towards libertarians than the RLC mission statement.The libertarian "Christians" have a great deal of working out to do to convince anyone all of their beliefs match up and are consistent. Almost all of the RLC and all of the libertarians are what is called with no affection: RINO’s. They do not adhere to the Republican platform. They do on many issues. They are close sometimes. But as you will note in the RLC mission staement, their “improvement” or “clarification” of The Declaration of Independence, they have eaten the forbidden fruit and been deceived about the separation of church and state. They either misinterpret it or they are not believers or they really believe in that “compartmentalization” Bill Clinton was so infamous for.

Political groups can be almost cult like. You get on a roll with them and soon you talk like them and believe like them as if you have discovered something. Well, I discovered as much as I like these folks, the Republican Party will be a minority party if we do not stop all of this. Their history is wrong. Their theology is wrong. And if their political calculations are that they need a political party that can win so they choose Republicans ,,,, that is wrong too! Most Bible believing Republicans will never support what these people want to do. They are recruiting ……. 

Republican Liberty Caucus

We believe every human being is endowed by nature with inherent rights to life, liberty and property that are properly secured by law. 

Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness . (These folks may want to show off their knowkedge of history and say they were quoting John Locke, but everything else on here indicates them leaving the Creator out is by design, not choosing the origial sources.)

Republican Liberty Caucus

We support an end to any government role in the definition or administration of marriage. Government involvement should be limited to the registration of civil contracts of union.

Christian Bible and Founders

Sodomy is against the God’s law and against the laws the Founders made in early America…… they would never have envisioned this country enduring homosexuals marrying or having some kind of contract. They knew what happened in Sodom and in Rome.

Republican Liberty Caucus

We recognize the harm that drug abuse causes, but also that the ‘drug war’ has been ineffective and has led to terrible abuses of personal liberty. We favor flexible alternatives at the state and community level to combat the harmful aspects of drug use 

Christian Bible and the goal of any law

No drunkenness is what scripture says. Not no drinking, no drunkenness.  If we want to be silly we could legalize two hitson a doobie, but lets not. Note One: Give the next maniac that wants to take over the world a birthday present, legalize drugs. There are plenty of prescription drugs on the market to manage pain for those who want to help the dopes get a foot in the door. Note Two: True, the goal of law could be to stop a behavior that is not in the public’s welfare. Also true, no law has ever stopped a behavior. Murders and robberies are occurring so much more now than in 1950, should we stop fighting the trend, let's legalize it ....... we never should have outlawed immorality any way? Give me a break! 

Republican Liberty Caucus

Abortion is a critical life and death choice for every pregnant woman. Whether government should intervene to influence that choice is dependent on the legal status of the fetus. We acknowledge that there can be honest and ethical differences of opinion on that status, the rights of the woman, and the proper role of government.

 Bible and Founders

If anyone argues either would sit back and watch what is happening in this country on abortion and not make it illegal, they are making up history from scratch. God has not said sit on the sidelines when it comes to government. He wants us to be courageous and stand up for the Word of God. If someone claims there is no jurisdiction for the church to enter into certain areas, they are either using an argument they know is wrong or they have not thought this through. The Founders outlawed sodomy. Individuals who believed God would judge us like He did Sodom. There is no wall that keeps Christians from expressing how they want the republic to govern. We should want to govern in a way that loves the homosexual ….and does not sit by idle –render unto Caesar. We The People are Caesar in our case. separation of church and state is a quote from Jefferson telling Danbury Baptist church not to worry about some other denomination becoming like the Church of England. These warriors for LIBERTY better get ready to pry my fauth out of my cold dead h....... Never mind.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Child Sex Offenders and the People Who Protect Them

Dear Liberty Courier:

I’m writing this letter to the Liberty Courier because there are some things in the community that bother me.  The first thing that bothers me; there is a news station in Liberty, Texas namely KSHN Radio owned by Bill Buchanan, which I read on a website a long time ago that he employs an infamous registered sex offender.  If it is true Bill Buchanan exploits this employee named Eric Latz and allows him to report on community and government matters (sic. “Music mixed with things that matter.”) , it should be important to the community.  If this wensite is telling the truth, then Bill Buchanan is a distorted human being for thinking it is ok to push a convicted child rapist upon the people of Liberty County.  Is Buchanan trying to pass this Latz guy off like Latz is some kind of pillar of the community?

The website I am talking about is named which chronicles the the alleged deviant and violent sexual exploits of Eric Latz.  The the author of the website is too chicken #rap to identify himself.  The author of this website is none other than Murray Gene Kinney.

At this point I’m trying to figure out who is worse?

1.     A convicted violent child rapist;
2.     A cheap chicken #hit anonymous buffoon;
3.     Or the person who protects and exploits violent child sex offenders.

It does not sound like something that would be tolerated by a small rural town…

Name withheld due to possible reprisals.

Monday, June 16, 2014



In “Lord of the Flies” one of the younger boys responds to his brother’s fears about a monster by saying “I thought we didn’t believe in the monster”. 

But the master manipulator and hungry for power and control “Jack” in the novel has worked on their head and they submit to his will and are back believing in something that said they don’t belive in.

For over fifteen years local Republicans have thought the practice of renting vans and going around and picking up voters and visiting with them on the way to the polls was too coercive and possibly criminal if there is any quid pro quo. It has been condemned in so many local Republican meetings over the years, I can’t count them all.  

Add to the above mentioned practice by Democrats, the possible practice of them working with the county clerk to determine who to call to get more votes and after identifying those who  haven’t voted, calling them and picking them up and you have a system that Republicans in the past have felt was scandalous. 

As scandalous as we thought it was, some among the Jay Knight for County Judge campaign used some or all of those tactics to help secure their 25 vote victory. It is not only true, they have used the same Democrat coordinator. Connie Paintsil. And though I have to applaud Paintsil for doing such a good job, I doubt voters are real happy with this kind of five star hypocrisy.  

Paintsil was expected to be a Jay Knight supporter since County Judge McNair eliminated her job in the courthouse. A job many Republicans felt like was being used by Todd Fontenot to call and round up Democrats during the many elections and events during the year, rather work for the county as a whole. 

But lest someone thinks this is just an article crying about the results of the election, it is that and more. I will also be “crying” for any quid pro quo we see coming from this election. We can’t afford it. McNair had no patronage jobs and, especially, in a county that is cash strapped, the Knight administration should not either.


Note: Besides winning with tactics we had condemned for years, the Knight campaign won because they pursued the votes of people still proudly voting Democrat. People that want the county purses loosened. People that would be in favor of appraisal and taxing hikes. But there are other reasons Knight won besides these and the record low turnout and we may discuss them later.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Conservatives are not well represented with Joe Straus being the Speaker of the House. Win or lose, it would be an outstanding act of political courage if our state representative were to risk his position in leadership and help elect Scott Turner Speaker. Why a new Speaker? And why Turner?

Strauss is too liberal is the short answerto the first question. Unfortunately, politicians in a position of leadership are not likely to risk their committee appointments and tell you how much more good legislation could be passed and how much less we would have to worry about more and more spending and more and more government encroaching into our private business.

The answer to the second question could be “anybody but Straus” as some Tea Party folks and some libertarian and some conservatives have expressed it. But Turner could be one of those people that becomes a focus of state pride for all those who are sick of Straus. He is talented and he is a listener. He represents Texas House District 33 which encompasses all of Rockwall County and portions of Collin County. Representative Turner is a small businessman and that always has the potential to add common sense and a focus away from government solutions.  His skills as national motivational speaker would be much welcomed in Austin after many bland politicians have dominated for so long.

He has two negatives. Inexperience. He was only elected to the Texas House of Representatives in November 2012. And he played in the NFL for nine years. Why is that a negative some might ask?  Well, let’s just say he never was a Houston Texan or a Dallas Cowboy.

For his first legislative session, Rep. Turner has been assigned to the House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee and the Human Services Committee. He has also been appointed to the House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Select Committee.

A fourth generation Texan, growing up in Richardson, Rep. Turner attended the University of Illinois, graduating with a degree in speech communications. In 1995, he began his 9-year professional football career as a defensive back when he was drafted by the Washington Redskins. He went on to play for the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. During his stint in Washington, D.C., Rep. Turner spent a great deal of time alongside then-Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, Duncan Hunter, assisting with military affairs. After retiring from the NFL, Rep. Turner returned to the Dallas area to pursue his business career. He is now the Director of Business Development and Corporate Chaplain at Systemware, Inc.

Rep. Turner serves on several community boards including Presbyterian Hospital’s Presidents Leadership Council, Dallas Metropolitan YMCA Board of Directors, Prestonwood Christian Academy Board of Trustees and GuideStone Financial Board of Directors. He is an active member of Prestonwood Baptist Church where he serves as a Bible fellowship class leader and occasional guest pastor.

Are his colleagues impressed by him? You don’t have to go far to find out they are.

“I asked Scott Turner to run for governor, U.S. Senate, congress, the open state Senate seat," said Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth. "I told him if he moved to District 93 (Krause’s own district) I’d be his campaign manager. I’ve said for months, he’s he most impressive guy in the entire House. I’ve never seen anybody connect with people (like Turner). People just love him."

“He’s the only guy I’ve known who ever got a standing ovation after a prayer … blessing the bacon and eggs," said Krause.

"To me it’s not about Straus," said Krause. "I have no problem with Joe Straus. Joe Straus was kind to me. We always got along well. This is not an anti-Straus thing at all."

Krause likened Turner to Ted Cruz, who Krause supported early on.

“Cruz is a once in a generation candidate,” said Krause, and that’s how he sees Turner. “I think he’s destined for bigger and better things. It’s more about his gifts and talents and nothing about the current speaker."

There you just read what the problem will be. Even one of his biggest admirers wants to make clear this is not about Straus. But it is or it should be. We can do better. Turner will represent us well. I just wish my friend John Otto would do something some would say is politically suicidal, but in history will be recognized as bold and a game changer.

Friday, June 6, 2014


                                          Brian and Roxanne Babin celebrate with a crowd 
                                           of over 300 after winning the primary run off.

In the Republican primary for Congressional District 36, Dr. Brian Babin won a double digit victory over Ben Streusand. Babin’s deep roots in the district were the reason most people credit him with a classic grassroots win over the mortgage banker from spring who has earned a reputation for spending millions on very negative and deceptive campaigns. Streusand’s strategy was to use his deep pockets to reshape his much better known opponents’ reputation and to use the lack of holding any elective office as a shield to prevent any return fire. In the end, Babin’s twenty years of working to help turn east Texas into a bastion for conservatives paid off.

Babin’s race with Michael Cole, the Democrat party’s nominee for the Congressional seat in District 36 will be a great deal different. Instead of out spending Babib ten to one, Cole will have very limited funds. Instead of it being a race that relies on truist and residency, Cole is a great deal like Babin. He has lived in Orange, Texas for over thirty years. He graduated from Orange Stark High School 1994 and at the age of 38 he works with students with discipline issues at Little Cypress-Mauriceville and is currently attending college himself.

But there are some similarities. Mr. Cole, like Streusand, has run for office multiple times and is yet to win a local, state, or national office. He ran for School Board Trustee in 1994 while he was still a senior in High School, and he ran 18 years later in 2012 for the same United States House of Representative seat he is currently running seeking. Babin’s long list of service in the community is impressive and more than sugest he is trusted by thiose who know him best.

This race will also be different than Babin’s primary race in another way. In the primary, Babin could point back before Ronald reagan’s presdiency and show his allegiance to te conservative cause. Streusand, on the other hand, had a few gliches with campaign donations going to Democrats , but for the last decade he can prove he has consistently promoted conservative republicans for office. Michael Cole is nothing like either of them. In fact, he has changed his allegiance recently.

Cole ran as Libertarian in 2012 and received less than 3% of the vote. Mr. Cole has expressed ideas far from any tea party or liberatarin views most of those groups have and after his defeat in 2012 he joined the democrat Party. He belives the government should do far more for people that it currently does. Some have accused him of opportunism because the likelihood of drawing a primary opponent in this 70% plus Republican district was near zero and he has a chance for better funding and unearned votes because of party labels. But about Democrat party Mr. Cole says, “Looking at the party platform, I am comfortable with it; it fits nicely with my own beliefs.

The other major difference in the general election between Babin and Cole should be that it is not predicted to be a mudslinging race. Dr. Babin count counter punch but he has a history of political contest that focus mainly on the issues. Cole is expected to come from the same frame of mind.

In the primary, some people argued Streusand was much more aggressive and therefore much more likely to gain the attention of Washington D.C. Babin and his supporters often agreed that Streusand was louder and meaner compared to a much more measured and humble country dentist, but that Babin actually had always shown strong leadership and had the grassroots followers to prove it (please note shortly after this was said in a debate, Streusand’s literature added that “he was the grassroots favorite). In the race with Cole we will not see any arrogant braggodocio.

This will be a campaign based on issues. There will be strak differences in where the candidates stand on many issues. When asked about “the biggest issue facing the citizens of the 36th district Cole has a one word answer: “Jobs”. Babin will say ObamaCare. But this is not the kind of differnce I am talking about. Both these men aere very interested in improving the country’s economics and the job market. And Obamacare’s negative influence on the job market and the finances of families across the country will be the sticking point between the two.

When asked about gun control his answer is a bit longer than Babin’s as he takes a jab at conservatives: “ Back ground checks are the answer. I would ask opponents of back ground checks why they are in favor or arming rapists, pedophiles and murders.”

When asked about abortion, Dr. Babin has been pro life for years and he has never waivered. Cole sounds like the majority of Democrats: “Personally, I see abortion as a private matter between a woman, her doctor and her conscience. In a free society we have to trust the citizens of the nation to make their own choices. We already have in place procedures to make the process as safe as possible. If abortion opponents were serious about ending abortions, they would be increasing funding for sex education and birth control measures; that is the only proven way to lower the abortion rate.” Or the way liberals put it: “Instead of trying to have lawmakers dictate women’s reproductive choices, Michael Cole supports a woman and her physician making that decision.

When asked about global warming, Cole takes another shot at Republicans: “I see no credible evidence that it is a hoax. The world's scientists have almost to a person by using the rigors of the scientific method and peer review have come to the conclusion that it is real, that we need to do something. Pretending otherwise is endangering ourselves.” Babin will disagree that it is a settled issue and he will point out the cronyism and just out and out waste the administration is guilty of in the area of “climate change” while the economy suffers.

When asked about immigration, Babin wants to regulate the border as is the right and practice of almost every developed country throughout history. Cole wanders far away from the Libertarian position and says: “If someone is willing to come here, learn the language and customs, take the path to citizenship and work to improve society, why is that a problem? There needs to be a sane way to allow people to enter the country that wish it. And for those that are already here, there needs to be a path to becoming legal.” Or the way those sympathetic to his position put it : Instead of catering to xenophobia, Michael Cole supports immigration reform and a path to citizenship.

Those examples are indicative of what I believe is a real choice for voters. The only question some may have is whether or not ole will return to some of his libertarian positions in order to appeal to a district that is a 71% Republican district.
Richard Pegues Brian Babin Ben Streusand Steve Stockman

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Michael Cole, the Democrat candidate for Congressional District 36,  saysEast Texans want assurance of relative safety from a storm and the government should be building that protection already and find a way to pay for it later.

When I heard this I was in hopes this meant both candidates in the race were serious about  controlling the border. Maybe we have a Democrat that wants to build a barrier or a wall all up and down the southern border of the United States in order to have the same territorial integrity most countries have, I reasoned. Boy was I wrong!
That is right. Forget flood insurance, this man is talking about protecting us from the weather.Cole is taking advantage of the start of the hurricane season to add another government bill for taxpayers to foot. He wants to know why CD 36 is not protected by some kind of barrier along the gulf coast. Apparently after Ike some of the people that can always dream up a reason to cut the military further put forward several plans  “that would protect lives and property for the next storm”. Seriously. Levees, dykes and even inflatable bladders.  You really believe taxpayers want to pay billions if not trillions to “curtail the possibilty of devastation of a killer storm like the one that hit New Orleans” .  Why not just build a barrier reef all around this country, Mr. Cole? And to add to our “safety” all we have to do is continue to allow Democrats to further cut defense spending.
Someone please send Mr. Cole a map and show him the difference in New Orleans and east Texas. While the map is out please highlight all of the countries in the world with people that would love to cut the throats of every citizen living in CD 36.
Please Mr. Cole, next time you are sitting around pondering our universe here in CD 36, please consider us poor taxpayers help us reduce the size of the government. And if part of the reduction is in the one area the Constitution clearly lays out as its responsibility, please just simply return the taxpayer any money you see wasted in defense.