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Dear Editor,

I am hoping you are a true believer in freedom of speech and that you will help me exercise mine. I was surfing the internet and found an article (*please see below) in a Shreveport newspaper that I believe is worth local people reading. The article helped me to understand why one of our local politicians did not retire but in an odd move did choose not to run for re-election. This was a huge pay cut.  I hope you will post this because it answers the question, “Why Mike Little did not run for re-election in 2012?” It also leaves the very possible prospect of him running again when voters have had a chance to forget his involvement in some of tehse things.

The answer to why Little did not run for re-election is: The sky was falling! The man has never had an opponent and he must be a little too chicken to run with such a perilous political sky!

In 2012 when former District Attorney Mike Little decided he would not seek re-election, the right people knew his political world was falling apart but most had no idea how far his political world had crumbled.  Below is a reminder of some of the things known to the public that the former D.A. would have contended with had he run (Please note Little did not retire, he just did not run for office – he is still working.):

1. The election was in 2012 and Mike Little’s brother, Sheriff Brodie Little, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for selling meth and other drugs. If Little had run for election, the local media would not have been able to suppress that a jury had found his brother’s “public service” which was near the Louisiana portion of I-10 had ended in a long prison sentence. Some may call that irony or coincidence since Little in his position as D.A.was one of the top law officials overseeing the drug wars near I-10 in Texas.

(PICTURE of Littles below-)

2. Mike Little had just failed in an effort to divert the public’s attention to Judge Cain’s office where he publicly accused them of spending too much on travel while at the same time refusing to mention fellow Democrat and friend, Phil Fitzgerald to a grand jury. The public was demanding an open and exhaustive investigation of Fitzgerald and the big money FEMA contracts awarded to his relative. Little’s job is to investigate and prosecute alleged perpetrators of such alleged crimes, but he refused to do it.

3. Little had falsely charged and indicted Republican activists and multi-state private investigator Ray Akins for organized crime. This charge came with no probable cause and one that no doubt will end up in a future lawsuit against Little. Before Akins was even accused of any wrongdoing, he had very publicly questioned Little’s spending of hundreds of thousands of discretionary funds and the deals the D.A. was working with criminals after a jury had found them guilty and sentenced them. (Note: After these public accusations the Judge that cooperated with this after sentencing “wheeling and dealing” lost his bid for re-election in a very rare defeat of an incumbent District Judge in Liberty County).

4. Little’s Democrat party was believed to be in the midst of an election shut out across many counties in Texas.

Former District Attorney’s decision not to run did not leave him completely out of the race however. Little has been like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain ever since.
He tampered with a Grand Jury, shutting it down a month before its term was over, and among other things, he successfully encouraged the newest and youngest and most inexperienced lawyer on staff to run. Logan Pickett’s well known family name and his connection to his father, Mayor of Liberty Carl Pickett helped him to edge out his competition in the Republican primary, but it also helped Little set up a successful transition into a new job. His new job, by way of the Mayor’s appointment, is city judge.

Mike Little undoubtedly wants to rebuild his image and put some time between the crimes of his brother and his next pursuit of office. He wants us to forget that he failed to give Liberty County grand jurors an opportunity to review the facts on County Judge Phil Fitzgerald’s FEMA problems. He wants to voters to forget the mail theft in the courthouse. He was voters to forget allegations of him tampering with a grand jury when he tried to dissuade them from continuing any investigation of his behavior. Under Little’s direction, Ray Akin was buried under legal bills, but Little will have to continue to throw mud on Akins name and those activists that demanded answers and questioned his public service if he really wants to resurface and run for one of the judicial benches..

Below please find the news stories related to what has been written here:

  • SHREVEPORT -- Albert D. "Bodie" Little, a former Winn Parish tax assessor and sheriff, was sentenced Friday to 13 years, four months in federal prison after his conviction earlier this year on methamphetamine and other charges.

    U.S. District Judge Elizabeth E. "Beth" Foote also ordered that Little be supervised for three years once he's released from prison, U.S. Attorney Stephanie Finley said in a release.

    Little, 62, was convicted in February of one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 or more grams of meth, one count of possession with intent to distribute meth, and two counts of use of a police communication facility to facilitate drug trafficking.

    Little and 10 other defendants were indicted on the drug charges in July 2011. All of Little's co-defendants pleaded guilty before they went to trial. All have been sent to prison for sentences ranging from five years to 12 years.

    Little still faces state charges. He was indicted by a Winn Parish grand jury in August 2011 of malfeasance in office, abuse of office and perjury.

    Little was the parish tax assessor before he won the sheriff's seat in 2008.

    "Former Sheriff Little knowingly chose to break the law and now he is paying the price for his betrayal of the trust the citizens of Winn Parish placed in him," Finley said.

    The case was prosecuted by Senior Litigation Counsel Joe Jarzabek

Thanks for promoting public dialogue. If anyone has a different view of Little, olease invite them to comment on my letter.

Alleged Criminal, Michael (Mike) Little

Convict, Albert D. (Bodie) Little
AKA- The I-10 and Hwy 59 Drug crew...


Anonymous said...

Geez they are both ugly as sin.

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Mike Little every time he ran, but when he let Fitzgerald sock that money away in the FEMA scandal, I totally changed my mind about him.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Two brothers holding such important jobs in their community. I wonder how rare that is. Add to that they are just down the corridor from each other and coincidence mounts. I am glad one is in prison and the other is semi-retired.

Anonymous said...

Little as District Attorney was way too political. He manipulates the press and he even manipulates his friends in order to look like an upstanding politician.

Anonymous said...

Little is a typical Democrat. Whatever he does, he judges it to be righteous. To the liberal mind, there is no distinction between academic intelligence and moral intelligence, between what we might call “learnedness” and “wisdom.” In fact, they correspond. The more one learns, the “better” a person one becomes. Since some mistakingly think Obama is “perhaps the smartest guy ever to become president” , he must also be virtuous. Since the people who crafted Obamacare had excellent credentials and prestigious tenured positions, Obamacare must be not just smart policy, but also be virtuous. Never mind the recent revelations that the MIT professor paid $400,000 and widely quoted, has admitted he lied and mislead the public repeatedly. It’s virtuous.
This belief is not the product of reason or careful thought. It is an article of faith, and those who would dispute it are not just “stupid”; they are heretics.
That this church of liberalism can, at its most zealous, pose a serious danger to the health of a body politic should be obvious. After all, Lenin was the smartest guy in the room, too.

Anonymous said...

How can Mike Little be appointed a municipal judge position?

My family wants to know how that could have ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ray Akins?

Anonymous said...

If you ever followed up on some of his "convictions",you would find a much more liberal and forgiving D.A. behind close doors away fromthe public.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you would find he was very forgiving behind the closed doors in his DA's office, depending on how you serviced him.