Monday, January 26, 2015


Why are RINO'S are pointing out other RINO'S?

I think accurate words can help communicate and describe people and where they are coming from. I am not one of those people who says they "hate labels". But an opportunity for explanation or rebuttal may be necessary by the person labeling or the person getting labeled.

Recently I have noticed a trend has developed by people that would choose to label themselves Libertarian over the label Republican. These political activists are freely labeling people in the Repblican party RINO's. RINO is a pejorative  term conservatives have used to label people they do not believe are committed enough to the principles of the Republican party. Sometimes the term has been used to describe party switchers that appear to be uncommitted and sometimes it has been used to opportunists who seem to have a commitment to themselves and no principles. But in all cases whatever the person labeling someone a RINO might intend ........ it has never been a good thing. In  the past this was not compliment.

A problem arises when people that do not identify themselves as Republicans (without reservations) chooses to use this label. Now we must wonder if  the person using this label means it as a positive thing. Anyone who does not want to commit to being a Republican or has reservations about their goals could easily be labeled a RINO if they associate themselves with the party as a candidate or as a member. Therefore, their use of the term RINO could easily mean something good.

It "could" mean something good,but it has been my experience that it is mix of two totally different things. They are identifying the same RINO's Republicans have tried to shun for decades or it is libertarians criticizing Republicans they do not want to hold office.

As a result, we Republicans have the strange situation where many times we agree and appreciate the help from these Libertarians, but we also realize they are not real Republicans. Libertarians have huge fundamental differences with the pro-life party that believes the best way to prevent war is to have a military budget that is more than enough to fulfill its Constitutional duty. Their labeling who RINO's  would be the same thing as a third party effecting who the Democrat party nominates by pushing labels on their candidates in a similar way.

The result is, the Republican party's candidates are sometimes being chosen by people who patently disagree with Republican goals. Sometimes they have a candidate that they want to elect so they spew out the RINO label. It is easy to do. Spending or enlarging government in any single area can be interpreted by them as RINO, even though reducing the size of government overall by weeding out the useless and reducing the waste does not necessarily mean voting against spending on every bill. ev.

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