Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Child Sex Offenders and the People Who Protect Them

Dear Liberty Courier:

I’m writing this letter to the Liberty Courier because there are some things in the community that bother me.  The first thing that bothers me; there is a news station in Liberty, Texas namely KSHN Radio owned by Bill Buchanan, which I read on a website a long time ago that he employs an infamous registered sex offender.  If it is true Bill Buchanan exploits this employee named Eric Latz and allows him to report on community and government matters (sic. “Music mixed with things that matter.”) , it should be important to the community.  If this wensite is telling the truth, then Bill Buchanan is a distorted human being for thinking it is ok to push a convicted child rapist upon the people of Liberty County.  Is Buchanan trying to pass this Latz guy off like Latz is some kind of pillar of the community?

The website I am talking about is named which chronicles the the alleged deviant and violent sexual exploits of Eric Latz.  The the author of the website is too chicken #rap to identify himself.  The author of this website is none other than Murray Gene Kinney.

At this point I’m trying to figure out who is worse?

1.     A convicted violent child rapist;
2.     A cheap chicken #hit anonymous buffoon;
3.     Or the person who protects and exploits violent child sex offenders.

It does not sound like something that would be tolerated by a small rural town…

Name withheld due to possible reprisals.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone spend one red cent advertising at a rag like KSHN who tries to pass off a child sex offender like he is something special? Thats really messed up

Anonymous said...

No self respecting new organization anywhere would hire a convicted child sex offender. This surely does speak to the credibility of those who would hire or work with such a person.

Anonymous said...

Billy Buchanan and his marching orders from FLNB.