Thursday, June 5, 2014


Michael Cole, the Democrat candidate for Congressional District 36,  saysEast Texans want assurance of relative safety from a storm and the government should be building that protection already and find a way to pay for it later.

When I heard this I was in hopes this meant both candidates in the race were serious about  controlling the border. Maybe we have a Democrat that wants to build a barrier or a wall all up and down the southern border of the United States in order to have the same territorial integrity most countries have, I reasoned. Boy was I wrong!
That is right. Forget flood insurance, this man is talking about protecting us from the weather.Cole is taking advantage of the start of the hurricane season to add another government bill for taxpayers to foot. He wants to know why CD 36 is not protected by some kind of barrier along the gulf coast. Apparently after Ike some of the people that can always dream up a reason to cut the military further put forward several plans  “that would protect lives and property for the next storm”. Seriously. Levees, dykes and even inflatable bladders.  You really believe taxpayers want to pay billions if not trillions to “curtail the possibilty of devastation of a killer storm like the one that hit New Orleans” .  Why not just build a barrier reef all around this country, Mr. Cole? And to add to our “safety” all we have to do is continue to allow Democrats to further cut defense spending.
Someone please send Mr. Cole a map and show him the difference in New Orleans and east Texas. While the map is out please highlight all of the countries in the world with people that would love to cut the throats of every citizen living in CD 36.
Please Mr. Cole, next time you are sitting around pondering our universe here in CD 36, please consider us poor taxpayers help us reduce the size of the government. And if part of the reduction is in the one area the Constitution clearly lays out as its responsibility, please just simply return the taxpayer any money you see wasted in defense.


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