Saturday, June 28, 2014


I like these people! I like their passion. I like many of their policies. I can see why some are tempted to sit back and let these folks increase the numbers of the Republican Party. But there are problems.
Who are the local players in the local Republican party and local politics? One of the players is the RLC which is headed up by Jeff LeBlanc locally. He is a great guy and the people in the RLC are nice people that we Republicans have a great deal in common with, some of our "likes" and some of the things we are aggravated about in our party are given an articulate and excellent analysis by this group. But there are some things that should forever divide us too.

Many lean more towards libertarians than the RLC mission statement.The libertarian "Christians" have a great deal of working out to do to convince anyone all of their beliefs match up and are consistent. Almost all of the RLC and all of the libertarians are what is called with no affection: RINO’s. They do not adhere to the Republican platform. They do on many issues. They are close sometimes. But as you will note in the RLC mission staement, their “improvement” or “clarification” of The Declaration of Independence, they have eaten the forbidden fruit and been deceived about the separation of church and state. They either misinterpret it or they are not believers or they really believe in that “compartmentalization” Bill Clinton was so infamous for.

Political groups can be almost cult like. You get on a roll with them and soon you talk like them and believe like them as if you have discovered something. Well, I discovered as much as I like these folks, the Republican Party will be a minority party if we do not stop all of this. Their history is wrong. Their theology is wrong. And if their political calculations are that they need a political party that can win so they choose Republicans ,,,, that is wrong too! Most Bible believing Republicans will never support what these people want to do. They are recruiting ……. 

Republican Liberty Caucus

We believe every human being is endowed by nature with inherent rights to life, liberty and property that are properly secured by law. 

Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness . (These folks may want to show off their knowkedge of history and say they were quoting John Locke, but everything else on here indicates them leaving the Creator out is by design, not choosing the origial sources.)

Republican Liberty Caucus

We support an end to any government role in the definition or administration of marriage. Government involvement should be limited to the registration of civil contracts of union.

Christian Bible and Founders

Sodomy is against the God’s law and against the laws the Founders made in early America…… they would never have envisioned this country enduring homosexuals marrying or having some kind of contract. They knew what happened in Sodom and in Rome.

Republican Liberty Caucus

We recognize the harm that drug abuse causes, but also that the ‘drug war’ has been ineffective and has led to terrible abuses of personal liberty. We favor flexible alternatives at the state and community level to combat the harmful aspects of drug use 

Christian Bible and the goal of any law

No drunkenness is what scripture says. Not no drinking, no drunkenness.  If we want to be silly we could legalize two hitson a doobie, but lets not. Note One: Give the next maniac that wants to take over the world a birthday present, legalize drugs. There are plenty of prescription drugs on the market to manage pain for those who want to help the dopes get a foot in the door. Note Two: True, the goal of law could be to stop a behavior that is not in the public’s welfare. Also true, no law has ever stopped a behavior. Murders and robberies are occurring so much more now than in 1950, should we stop fighting the trend, let's legalize it ....... we never should have outlawed immorality any way? Give me a break! 

Republican Liberty Caucus

Abortion is a critical life and death choice for every pregnant woman. Whether government should intervene to influence that choice is dependent on the legal status of the fetus. We acknowledge that there can be honest and ethical differences of opinion on that status, the rights of the woman, and the proper role of government.

 Bible and Founders

If anyone argues either would sit back and watch what is happening in this country on abortion and not make it illegal, they are making up history from scratch. God has not said sit on the sidelines when it comes to government. He wants us to be courageous and stand up for the Word of God. If someone claims there is no jurisdiction for the church to enter into certain areas, they are either using an argument they know is wrong or they have not thought this through. The Founders outlawed sodomy. Individuals who believed God would judge us like He did Sodom. There is no wall that keeps Christians from expressing how they want the republic to govern. We should want to govern in a way that loves the homosexual ….and does not sit by idle –render unto Caesar. We The People are Caesar in our case. separation of church and state is a quote from Jefferson telling Danbury Baptist church not to worry about some other denomination becoming like the Church of England. These warriors for LIBERTY better get ready to pry my fauth out of my cold dead h....... Never mind.


Anonymous said...

The only issue I see here, Richard, as usual is you gloss over most things using only your narrow perspective.

If it bothers you that much that Creator is not in the first statement we can put it one even noticed that, including US, who wrote up the site.

We believe government should be removed from marriage. Period. How does that translate to sodomy? Are you a sodomite? Are you somehow obsessed with sodomy? Nothing of what we believe supports what you have said.
When government is removed from marriage you INSTANTLY return it to the CHURCH where it belongs. How can you be against the church returning to the authority of marriage and not government? Do you hold your government above your God? This comment...above everything else you have posted shows your ignorance.

We have two members personally who protest at local abortion clinics regularly in defense of the unborn. How can you even question these men in their beliefs? I can attest that to everyone in this caucus is 100% pro life.
While the statement takes neither side, it does not support abortion and neither does this caucus. We are however a national organization and as such can't always make each statement read as we would like. As long as they don't go as far as to support it, we are okay with it. ALSO, should you bother to look on our local site, this entire abortion statement is gone. We do not publish it. Because we do not agree with it. Period. And guess what, we can change it, we have conventions and such just like all other groups. Do you want it changed...join..come to National Convention and submit new language, Richard. You might be surprised to find some support in this caucus on that.

Richard, in closing, I suggest you stop the witch hunt. I see you have neither changed nor grown up since the Liberty Dispatch fiasco.

You came to this group with your talk of backing Ross Ward for chair over Coleman and spouting your dislike of Terri Bivins and Donna Brown and wanting them removed from the local GOP. I am sure you thought you'd find trust via that. However, your reputation as a bitter old man and dirty player of politics is not unknown to us nor anyone in this county. And from the first meeting you were treated as a fungus, you were entertained, we listened, but never trusted you.

So, let your witch hunt continue, this week it is us. Next week it will be Terri. Then the next Jay Knight, I suppose Wes Hinch will be in there somewhere as well. I don't believe you are happy with anyone in this county. As for myself personally, I have no need to continue with you down this new experiment in social media and trying to replace your glory days of smearing everyone in county politics and good people with lies and twisting of facts.

Jeff LeBlanc

Richard Pegues said...

From the first of your comment I thought I better read this as if I am preparing a rebuttal. But there really is no need. I posted what the RLC believes. Republicans that know the platform know these beliefs are not the same as ours. There is no deception by me. People can decide for themselves. I am satisfied that those who know the Bible will not find what I have written cryptic or deceptive.

#1)This is the first website I have ever been in control of, but I did submit articles to The Liberty Dispatch. The website had a tremendous amount of hits and I was encouraged to write ..... and I was never run off.
#2)I was elected County Chairman three times and the active people in the party begged me to run for a fourth term. I was not run off.
#3)Accusation about whether or not I am a truthteller I thought were addressed well by someone in your group who has known me a great deal longer than you. Barbara Croft. But I am comfortable with your Chance Waller-like "lair, liar, pants on fire" arguemnt or you calling my reasoning "idiotic". I would prefer that you be specific about what I lied about because your rebuttal is proof enough that my asserting the major differences your caucus has with the LCRPfully qualify your group for the RINO tag.
#4)True, I have waffled, as have others, about whether your RINO group should be encouraged to work hard in the Republican party or not. I waffled on Ross Ward's run for chair too. I am not usually a waffler, but the temptation to be inclusive with a group that wants Republicans to head back toward free market principles and actually do some of the things they say they will do was alluring for a time. But the group yo represent is working for different platform planks. As much as I like you, if your party is successful in implementing the positions you yourself articulate in your rebuttal, you will not be able to elect many candidates.
#5) I have had conversation with Ken Coleman and others that have very bluntly said Terri Bivens does not need to be the vice chair of our local party. Terri is a precinct chair and John Otto's right hand man. I have said and still say it would be better for our party and for Terri if she gave up that job
#6)While I reserve the right to postor not post a comment, this is a new blog and if your comments have not been posted then I am unaware of it.

Anonymous said...

Richard, as usual, more twisting. Chance Waller is a friend, not an Rlc member.As I continue to tell you, I don't censor or decide what people say. What Chance chooses to say on my personal page is his business, he doesn't speak for the Rlc .As Dave said today ...the Rlc looks for inclusion not exclusion. We believe in Reagan's 80% rule. That's why we don't take positions on some issues. We feel those issues aren't central to our mission and we leave them to the conience of the individual. Frankly, the republican platform could use a lot more of that.

Anonymous said...

people like you, Pegues, who conclude that America is a “Christian nation,” as numerous Christian conservatives insist, underestimate both the radicalness of the ideas on which the republic was founded and, more crucially, the source of our continuing national strength. That power, is the ability of liberalism to effect progress—however slowly—through ideas like equality and freedom and fairness.