Thursday, July 31, 2014


At the risk of us all overdosing on i-dineout, I would like to give the person who wrote this comment some unfiltered responses, including any comments added to this one.

Here is the comment I am referencing: “I can't abide ignorance the "come and take it" flag never flew over the State of Texas, it goes back to the Revolution then at the Battle of Gonzalez the first against the Mexicans. Now it's been co-opted by those fascists Tea Party groups who are blaspheming it's original intent with their anti government ideals. Anyway those who use it now don't understand why or how it was first used, Saturday it was used by the gun worshipping goons.”  

I am familiar with the group the commentator is calling “ignorant blasphemers” and I can assure you that most, if not all of the adults, know the history of the “Come and Take It” flag. I also can assure the commentator if he was supporting this gun issue he would think there was no more appropriate symbol to carry than the flag flown at Gonzalez in 1835 and around Texas in memorial ever since.

As the commentator surely knows (without googling or any reference material ), Mayor Andrew Pontoon of Gonzalez and other citizens challenged Santa Anna’s troops to try take the cannon left there by the Mexican government to protect them from Indians. Open Carry Texas (OCT) is all about the right to keep the government from seizing or over regulating their guns.  Both things in Texas, both about the government trying to restrict citizens from having firepower to defend themselves, and both using, yes – “ a demonstrative way to express displeasure with the government.”

Again, I can think of no better symbol history for OCT to carry with them. If the commentator can, please write in and let us know. Otherwise,  the commentator’s argument against OCT seems to be best represented by simply saying, “I disagree. I know 7th grade Texas history and there fore I am right and here is some name calling that might make you I think I am still in 7th grade.”

                                                              HIS ISSUE WOULD HAVE MORE
                                                                                               MAINSTREAM SUPPORT IF PEOPLE
                                                                                                    WOULD HEAR BOTH SIDES

It is purely conjecture, but I suspect many of those pioneers in early Texas would approve of OCT’s cause.

Editor’s note: I am tired of people acting like they have some kind of monopoly on, or secret facts from, history

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