Saturday, July 26, 2014


The 'Open Carry" march in Liberty, Texas may, at first glance, look like a bunch of rebel rousers from the fringes of society wanting to declare the need for anarchy rather than Constitutionally based, rule of law, in a government "by the people, for the people." BUT NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The pictures, the short blurbs on the news, and every other attempt to wake America  is tough because the optics look so threatening. But the threat is not if these marchingare successful, it is if they are not.

 The law will allow citizens to carry all kinds of long rifles openly. And I mean all kinds! But the law will not allow a pistol to be openly carried. So as nutty as it is to some to see folks carrying an AK-47 openly in public, it is infinitely more ridiculous for the same lawmakers to prohibit the open carrying of a pistol. The laws should be reversed. No AK 47's, but a pistol strapped to the hip with a safety strap across the trigger.

The law needs to be changed! These folks are nearly all hard working, patriotic law abiding citizens. they are concerned that the laws should be changed. They are concerned that if the country does not use more common sense and less restricting of our Constitutional rights, when liberty is faced with its ultimate enemy, we will have allowed ourselves to be unarmed. The laws need to be changed before restrictions are expanded and liberty is assaulted further.

Readers please note that Terry Holcomb, Jeff LeBlanc, Aubrey Vaughan, and dozens of other locals have spent a great deal of time and money warning us. At the same time, the liberal media  has enjoyed "covering" this issue in as convoluted of coverage as they can spin out.

The issue is simple. The pictures of marches if reparted in a simple, straight forward way would have a dramatic support in Texas. please help get the word out. The cause, the Open Carry Texas group wants the law to allow handguns to be safely and openly carried in public and end the hypocrisy. The liberal media wants you to feel threatened.


B Smith said...

If we are not free to be able to exercise our civil rights, then we are NOT FREE. Compare this to" Freedom of Speech" if we cannot say or write what we want to, then we are being controlled. We have lost s time to stand for something. ...before we are not free....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard for covering this. We must be vigilant in exercising our rights or lose them.

Jeff LeBlanc

Richard Pegues said...

I have repeatedly indicated that "the media" does not cover this fairly and that is true. However, it is worth noting the Cleveland Advocate and The Dayton News" have a well written and fair article on this march. To be fair, the media would have to go out of its way to point out that this group's central issue is one most Texans would consider valid because the pictures of people carrying long rifles shocks people. It is a two edged sword. The group carries the guns to draw attention to an issue that is older than Lexington and Concord, and then they must communicate their issue to those who may have already formed a first impression. Without the marches, nothing has happened legislatively.