Friday, May 30, 2014


What was the difference in Dr. Brian Babin's victory this time versus 16 years ago? One thing - yhis time when he won Liberty County enough voters from other areas voted the same way that he soundly won the run-off. But the man recognized just a few weeks ago as the single most influential person living in the district to revive the Republican Party after 100 years of nothing but defeat is now the hands down favorite in the general election. That is a huge difference from the days when Brian Babin was like David taking on Goliath!
The crowd of over 300 people were jubilant. They visited like they were at a family reunion despite the fact there were people there from all over the district and many had never met. United, some had just gotten involved in politics and had joined the impressive grassroots campaign and some were longtime supporters who lived for one more chance at electing someone they felt should have been in Congress years ago. ehre to hear
They were all there to celebrate with brian and Roxanne Babin and their five children and nine grandchildren. They were all there to celebrate the great hope brought by electing someone you think could really make a positive difference in Washington D.C.
In his statement, Brian Babin expressed his own thoughts as the evening rocked on in celebration: “When you contemplate running for office, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Why am I running?” My answer 5 months ago was for my faith, for my kids and for my country. My answer in victory tonight is the same. I ran this race for my faith, for my kids and for my country. I have said over and over again during the last few months that this race was not about me. This cause is far greater than ourselves. It is a call to duty for all of us. That is why I am so humbled and honored that you are allowing me to be your standard bearer.”
Dr. Brian Babin will be the Congressional District 36 Republican nominee on the November ballot. The differences in his vision for representing this district and his general election opponent are stark. The differences of what he will work for and what his opponent will work for are as far apart as it gets. Tune in and join the grassroots effort by sending some money to the Babin campaign and get ready to help educate voters and get themto the pols in November and let's send a gift to the American people by sending Dr. Brain Babin to represent Congressional District  36. Stay in contact with what is going on in the campaign and learn about Dr. Babin and get updates about his campaign by visiting
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Anonymous said...

I liked this man the minute I met him. I never pay attention to the negative nonsense unless it claims to have substance in the way the person would do his job. The other man wouldn't give people a chance to say how they felt before he spoke.