Thursday, August 14, 2014

Consider the source...

In a recent series of events Allen Youngblood of i-dineout blog has become the news/story in Liberty County.  Youngblood in an attempt to draw readers in to his blog has created a controversy at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.  Youngblood has harassed and stalked the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and harassed Sheriff Bobby Rader.  The continued series of meaningless stories and open records act request’ by Youngblood- pointed at the Sheriff’s Office is not only bizarre, it’s histrionic and self-dealing.
Youngblood the Clown

Youngblood creates a controversy by splashing lies about the courthouse security being taken away and how the judges will not have any protection.  He continues to manufacture controversies concerning the tools the sheriff needs to police Liberty County and protect its people.

The truth is, Bobby Rader is a good man and a great sheriff.  The sheriff is not perfect but... Rader is doing as much as he can with what little he has been given.   Rader wants to police more of the county but is short handed plain and simple.  In a modern world, the protection of the people should come first before the county’s other needs but... not in Liberty County.

Next time you hear someone questioning our sheriff Bobby Rader, consider the source.

Note: Stay tuned for an upcoming LCSO story from HCN Cleveland News.


Anonymous said...

Funny picture with Youngblood holding "two balls" in his hands.

Anonymous said...

This story makes me wonder. Who's is the OZ behind the scenes pulling Youngboils lever?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor Youngblood can't get no respect lol. How dare you people crush his dreams of grandeur and glory.