Saturday, August 16, 2014


The indictment of James Richard Perry is one more in a growing list of examples of elected officials using the power given to them to eliminate what some might refer to as those “pesky little participants in our democracy.” We have seen it lately with grand juries, elected boards, IRS officials, and a whole host of others. Indicting someone needed to be taken down a peg or fired or dragged through the courts because of one thing or another when in truth anyone with a brain knew the person being whacked. This newest mess with James Richard Perry from Paint Creek, Texas better be resolved in a way that does not harm him or this country might as well pull up chairs and grab a front row seat while those we give power to use it to destroy the country using deception and the power given to them to end the great experiment known as the United States of America.

One thing working for those who would hate to see that happen is James Richard Perry is not only a fighter that will use the courts if necessary to vindicate himself, he is also the Governor of Texas. I said Texas. Texans know Governor Perry is guilty of nothing and the courts in Texas rarely have the bizarre outcomes other states experience. In fact, in Texas the people attempting to get Perry out of the their way may find that the courts will do more than just say Perry is innocent. The courts may punish this cowardly and openly deceptive abuse of power.

 Perry needed something to help change the image left with Americans in  the last Presidential race and this may or may not be just the ticket. Overcoming the negative stereotype of him being shallow pretty boy from a conservative-crazed Texas that was either suffering from Alzheimers or stupidity should not be difficult. This indictment could be the game-changer he needs to generate a fresh start and a new image. An image that is closer to fact than the wild fiction the media enjoyed last time.

Perry is eyeing a presidential run in 2016, and though I would hope conservatives have other and better choices, his stock went up with me as soon as the Democrats lied and said this whole thing was plain and simple. The Governor did something wrong and he must be punished. If Perry artfully uses this occasion to be a victim, martyr and fighter, it could be just the rehab he needed. If he had no politicak ambitions,he might could make a pile of money in a lawsuit on this little scheme that has been perpetrated on him. But Perry is a politician and if he plays this right he will get something more valuable than money – he will be getting a lot more media attention than he would in the coming days and weeks.

There is little question that the indictment is absurd. And after watching the video of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s behavior after her drunken-driving arrest, it’s no wonder that Perry declared a loss of public confidence in her ability to lead the public integrity unit. If you have not watched the video yet, trust me it’s on its way to being a political classic.

While proper prosecution of people that are harmful to society is a good thing and reassures the public that the checks and balances in our democracy are working. Concocted, phony and retaliatory prosecutions serve only to reinforce the public’s skepticism about the motives of our country’s political leadership and undermine the public trust. If we needed further erosion of the public faith in our government, this indictment certainly supplies it. It should backfire and the only one that should suffer are those who tried to deceive the American public and harm a citizen by using false pretenses

Bogus charges against a political foe erode the relevancy of legitimate corruption charges when they are actually needed and warranted. By pursuing Perry’s indictment, the Democrats might actually do Perry some good. But in the meantime, they are contributing to the further disintegration of the ability of our two-party system to create a government that functions.
Travis County has a reputation for this kind of stuff and, with this grand jury acting at the behest of special prosecutor Michael McCrumo, they are sure to keep to keep that reputation.

The basic facts of the case are simple. Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, pled guilty to DWI and served 45 days in jail. After serving her jail sentence, Lehmberg refused to step down and continued to be the supervisor of the Public Integrity Unit. In response to the audacity of her contnuing to serve in this capacity, Governor Perry announced that unless she stepped down he would veto funding of that unit. Later he followed through and did veto the bill.

Perry is not accused of abuse of power for actually vetoing the bill because state law says the Governor can veto a bill for any reason he wants to or no reason at all. Governor Perry is accused of threatening the D.A.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Perry? He is a lame duck. He has always been a lame duck. And he always will be a lame duck. Vote for freedom - Rand Paul 2016!

Anonymous said...

The republicans are fantasizing about winning the Presidency in 2016. It may never happen again. No Mexicanos, no el Presidente!

Anonymous said...

The same garbage has happened in liberty county.

Just Jeff said...

Bogus Charges...

Anonymous said...

People who do what we all have a civic duty to do and get really involved in politics, take a lot of flack. I try to be careful believing half the nasty things I hear about anyone in public service.