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Here we go again. The local blog run by A-L-L-E-N Y-O-U-N-G-B-L-O-O-D with his crazy drama queen reporting is once again clouding up serious issues and making it difficult for county officials to do there job.
Youngblood has gone from a completely moronic report that challenges whether law enfocement should be prepared to fight crime and have available the necessary force to deal with situations reported across the country to hysterics about wanting to be called out by name (as if Bobby Rader is physically afraid to confront Allen Youngblood). We are truly a troubled county if Youngblood is deciding whether or not the sheriff's department needs easy access to explosives.

Like a woman scorned, Allen is demanding attention. In his most recent rant, Youngblood tells the Sheriff  how to respond when he injects his own goofy view and his bizarre twist on Sheriff Bobby Rader’s duties. Youngbloods spell out his name in all caps while demanding the Sheriff refer to his proper name when talking to the public about his spin-filled stories and the comments on his blog.

The article preceding this literary masterpiece, Youngblood tells his readers, “Sheriff Bobby Rader disgruntled with the fact that County Government is out of money to lavish on the Sheriff’s Department has sent a letter to District Judges, County Court at Law Judge and copied County Judge Craig McNair threatening to pull LCSO Deputies responsible for Courthouse security out of the courthouse on October 1, 2014.” He entitles this article (which is an obvious attempt to demonize Rader), “Rader Threatens County Officials”.

After reading the article, it is very difficult to understand where the title of the article came from. We can only assume Youngblood is a scared little man that feels threatened by almost anything and he is projecting his on fears on the letter Rader sent officials, or that A-L-L-E-N Y-O-U-N-G-B-L-O-O-D has a personal vendetta against Rader or on half of someone who plans on running for sheriff in 2016. There simply is nothing “threatening” in the letter. It is a heads up on areas Rader will be cutting unless the county finances get better. If you did not know Bobby Rader and his relationship to all of these Judges, you would still be hard pressed to grade Youngblood’s article anything better than an “F” .

The article before Youngblood’s prejudiced and slanted views on Rader’s letter to the Judges is a numerical comparison showing Rader’s Sheriff’s office has had nice increases in the budget and implies he is unusual for asking for more money and ungrateful for what he has gotten. Readers only have to think back to the last five Sheriffs to realize everyone of them has complained about a shortage of money and manpower and uncompetitive salaries. Where was Youngblood’s criticism then. It was present, except he argued the total opposite back when Sheriffs were Democrats. He implied the LCSO needed more money and resotrces when his buddies were pushing for more money.

AL-L-E-N Y-O-U-N-G-B-L-O-O-D needs to be quiet if he wants to help solve county problems. He is one of the problems. His silence would help.  

The county needs more deputies but our budget is tight. If Youngblood wants to help he should listen to one or two of the comments written into his blog (though most of the posted comments are obviously from people who never wanted Rader to be sheriff.

The Liberty Courier has looked into some of the suggestions that are in the public domain and have narrowed our suggested focus down to one thing. Rader needs more manpower, as the previous five sheriffs have expressed. As conservatives, we are very excited to report that Liberty County Commissioners should vote “no” and save the money on looking for someone to run our jail. It is a waste of taxpayer money. In surveys of jails that are able to run attractive cost efficient facilities, it is obvious our jail does not have the updated money saving features some in Texas have. It is also obvious that this is not the time to modernize our jail. Some jails for example have a computerized gate system that allows them to have a guard in a control room use computers to open and close gates to escor prisoners to their destination. Efficiencies like this are out of our reach at this time.

 So Youngblood could have written an article explaining why Rader and Commissioners have dragged their feet on suggestions they take the jail back. 
But the real “reporting” Youngblood has missed is the one about the offer from Polk County. The Liberty Courier has checked out some of the facts and believes Liberty County and the Sheriff could solve their economic woes by accepting the Polk County offer. It includes medical and everything else except for transportation. 

Youngblood should be reporting that there are enough facts to accept their offer an go forward. In his report, if Youngblood wants to influence things positively (which there is little doubt that he is not just helping someone prepare to run for sheriff), he could ask what part of the huge savings will go to help Sheriff Rader get the department up to the kind of numbers needed to adequately cover a county this size. 

Instead, Youngblood is in a different universe. His writing provides false or misleading information to taxpayers and can result in so little public pressure to make these changes that Commissioners merely vote for a study to do something we already know is not the best solution. 

If Republican commissioners can’t wade through all of the histrionics on Youngblood’s website and immediately, or as soon as possible, sign up with Polk County, then we may join Youngblood in his conclusion that we need new public officials. But our money is on “common sense”. We believe taxpayers will get to sigh a sigh of relief because we believe there is one best solution and that the best solution is to use the modern economically efficient facilities in Livingston for now.

 In the meantime, could the person or persons badmouthing Bobby Rader please be a little less obvious and less deceptive in your comments. Too many people know Bobby rader to believe your misguided approach.

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