Monday, May 26, 2014


The man who lost his commissioner’s seat and two years later placed last in his run for county judge, took his credentials as a lifelong Democrat and one of the men who caused the problems now being cured in the county and endorsed one of the Republican candidates in the run off for Liberty County Judge. 

No surprise. He endorsed Jay Knight. Knight has connections to the group that had Republican party officials helping to elect Democrats. This is what some would call Fontenot’s port in the storm. In the new world Fontenot finds himself in buying votes or just getting them because you have a “D” by your name is very unpopular. He wants some kind of connection in the courthouse and this group Jay is involved in is a natural. Their agenda may be hidden from the public and even most of their supporters, but Fontenot knows being a Democrat or someone who plays fast and loose with county money is not a problem for their key people. 

Fontenot was not pursued legally for using county money to fix his car and a friends truck, but if Knight loses we may have seen the last of his “public service”.

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