Tuesday, May 20, 2014


On the radio this morning, Ben Streusand references The Chronicle to back his attacks on Dr. Babin, but when one goes back and reads that edition, the article merely indicates these were the claims of Streusand. So Streusand uses his own comments in the liberal Chronicle to back up what he says again on radio.  Streusand has a public official/friend in Galveston that is an official who says they are irrate that public officials in the county where Dr. Babin used their monikor to agree with Dr.Babin and say he cut taxes. But the Galveston official uses his monikor to weigh in with. The fact is their would have been (by law) an automatic rollback had Streusand been telling the truth. This man will never get away with these kinds of lies and distortions in Washington D.C. If he tries to win inner party debates by smearing people with distortions, he will be ostracized. This is not the kind of "debate" he will have there.

Streusand obviously tries to push the envelop with his "attack first answer questions after the election" style. His response to why should people refrain from criticizing himbecause he is not running in the district where he lives is to say it is not illegal. While true, and mudslinging in an election is not illegal, is it right? Dr.Babin is a better prepared candidate to represent us than a mortgage banker from Houston whether it is legal or not. Babin is a vet and better prepared to represent us on defense issues. he is a dentist and better to represent us on ObamaCare. He is a small businessman that will want to reduce the influence of big government regulations on small business while Ben Streusand took advantage of the lack of regulations on mortgage banking.

Dr.Babin was in the Air Force and is more capable of talking to NASA. babin lives in a small town and will be more capable of relating to what is almost a 90% rural district. Dr.Babin has been on a school board and a city council. while Streusands career is all talk about what he would have done. Babin home schooled two children andsent three to public school, while Streusand says he would be favorable to home schoolers but sent neither of his kids there.Babin was supported by the NRA and is an avid hunter while Streusand'ssoft hands and pink rosy cheeks look like he walks from his large air conditioned garage to the back door and calls that outdoor exercise.

So what are we left with? Streusand says his expertise is as a radio debater and morgtgage banking. While Streusand claimed to be a guru on the radio because he is a guest a great deal on a channel west of here, he didn't set the world on fire. He did do well with what he had to work with however. And he will not debate Boehner or Pelosi on the radio. And his banking interests and backers frankly scare the heck out of me. He has benefitted ghreatly by loopholes in banking legislation . This could be a case of the fox guarding the hen house.
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