Friday, May 16, 2014


The Liberty Courier is impressed with the dedication of the Republican County Chairmen in East Texas. Hardin County Chairmen Kent Batman has taken a couple of extra steps to emphasis the importance of voter participation.

When drivers enter Kountze from the southwest they can't help but see the dedication of Hardin  County to the voting process. In the esplanade right across from the courthouse tie wrapped to two poles a yellow sign with red writing informs everyone that passes by about the week of early voting and election day.

Chairman Batman has gone one step further to fight what has become notorious low voter turnouts in run-off elections. He has issued a challenge to perhaps the most dedicated patriots in all of the election process. he has bet several area County Chairmen $25 each that is to be donated to The Crisis Pregnancy Center. All Chairmen wiil send the Center $25 except for the one whose county has the highest percentage turnout.

Liberty County's republican Party Chairman is Ken Coleman. We know he is meant to be included in this effort, but have not reached him for comment or to hear any strategy for helping voters to cast their votes. Stay tuned --------

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