Thursday, May 29, 2014


There are stark differences between the Republican and Democrat Party platforms in almost every category and in a way that is refreshing... IF their elected officials actually adhered to these beliefs, the debate would be spark filled and therefore illuminating. Alas it is mostly hot air on both sides, which is why we so rarely have real conversations about who we are and where we want to go and why so much remains unchanged. 

Look at how the parties package their platform summaries to appeal to voters (see websites of each party's summary below). Even with all wording that is meant to be clever and appeal to the masses, anyone can read between the lines and see there are real differences that need to be debated versus the nonsense we have hurled at us at election time.

 The Republican Party is in a uniquely strong position in the 2016 election cycle. The disasters of the Obama Presidency and the Democrat led Senate leave Republicans in a strong position to win and to regain power in Washington D. C. So much so, it is time for us to actually make the win count for as much as possible. While we have the public leaning our way and listening in hopes of hearing something that will actually make America strong again and the economy recover and the dreams for their children rekindled, we need to make debate about the return to the Constitution as the map for our success. We need to think in terms of the Constitution and we need our candidates to make our case within the framework of the Constitution. Our solutions to problems should be Constitutional.

In this cycle we need to be more united. The Democrats almost never destroy their own while we almost always do. First, during campaign season we need to allow our candidates a free pass from almost all criticism (they will get plenty from Democrats). I am all for eliminating RINOs, but first we must realize a RINO is not someone who disagrees with us personally. They are people who disagree with the Republican party platform. Or they are people who are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The following  is a short list of sides taken by the platforms of each party on different issues. It is no substitute for reading the platform, but if you know someone that can be identified in this short list as a RINO then you should have worked to beat them in the primary, not the general election.



Tea Party folks and Libertarian leaning folks can be leaders and help the Republican Party turn the country’s government back to what it was meant to be when Madison et al set up the framework we give so much lip service to. Candidates we have running in the general election may be good Republicans but trust me Constitutionalist are amazed at how similar the two parties are in their indifference to being true to the document that was meant to restrict the government and protect WE THE PEOPLE from “we the government”. shutting these folks out or trying to set them in a corner and tell them they have to vote for our side is not acceptable. Especially when most of us agree with 90% of what they say. We should be fearless and not fear these differences. But we should have our inner party debates after general elections.

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Good luck. Too many hidden agendas in LC politics.