Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Okay Democrats and fans of President Obama I have a question for you. And those of you who in one of the worst turn outs in the county’s election history ….those who voted for the hospital district that has plucked millions of dollars out of …….. not thin air, but the taxpayers’ pockets. I have the same question for you. Please help me with the following question: 

“Since ObamaCare is now the law of the land and one-sixth of the U.S. economy has now been illegally taken under the wing of a President that has no regard for the Constitution he claims to have been a teaching college professor over, WHY DO WE NEED TO BE TAXED FOR A HOSPITAL DISTRICT THAT’S STATED PURPOSE WAS TO CARE FOR THE INDIGENT WHEN THE FEDERAL LAW ELIMINATES THIS NEED ? 

Please feel free to expound on your answer.

For an opportunity to answer another question please note the following: how often are sunset laws actually used to end laws that are duplicated or ineffective?

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