Saturday, May 3, 2014


Helps Infamous Lois Lerner Attack Republicans

The Liberty Courier invited people to write in and let us know what they think or what is going on in their neck of the woods. Letters we receive can be marked for publication or FYI. One letter we received was very informative and checked out to be very factual. Below find the writers’ concern at their request expressed in simplest form : 


1) Ben Streusand has failed to pay off the near unprecedented campaign debt from his last failed attempt to win a seat in Congress – the loan is an eye popping $3,000,000. “We can only assume he is waiting for voters in our area to pay off the debt from his campaign in another area if we elect him.” 

2) Streusand’s campaign team is shopping another one of their deceptive “stories” to voters who are coming to learn about the race and to the media (and preparing we can be certain to send out a last minute attack by mail). This attack is right out of the Democrats playbook. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS THAT A POLITIICAN WHO STILL OWES SUCH A HUGE DEBT IS CRITICIZING HIS OPPONENT WHO HAS MORE THAN TAKEN CARE OF HIS RESPONSIBILTIES. In fact it is an attack that famed Republican killer and former IRS leader Lois Lerner used on Dr. Brian Babin after he was the first Republican to win a few counties in East Texas. Streusand is well aware that Dr. Babin, like many Republican organizations, should wear his encounter with Ms. Lerner and her FEC attacks as a badge of honor, but he does not live in this district and he is working hard to both lower Dr. Babin’s image of integrity and lower the turnout in the eight counties Babin won in the election just a few months ago. He conveniently leaves out facts that would earn a unanimous salute from voters and tries to continue his barrage of negative attacks in an effort to bury his opponent so deep in lies that he can not afford to rebut them all. 

3)  In public after political meetings, his campaign staff is openly laughing at what they think will be the successful scheme that will be their ticket to Washington – film and record everything Dr. Babin says and if any of their film can be used to create even a hint of something their spin doctors can use to damagepeople’s perception of Dr. Babin they will use it. In other words, shellack the voters with questionable information that creates doubt.

The writer concludes with the question: Why does a man who says he is here to help our community have to tear down one of the most respected community leaders in this district to “help” us?

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