Saturday, May 3, 2014


Politicians Like County Judge Candidate Jay Knight Don’t Live In Glass Houses

If politicians lived in glass houses, we would know all about them at election time. Local politician Jay Knight aspires to be Liberty County Judge and in his efforts, he and a few of his devotees have repeatedly tried to dig into County Judge Craig McNair’s life and reveal some reason for voters to elect Knight instead of re-elect McNair. 
Telling the public, “ Me and my buddies want all of his power,” is not much of a campaign slogan. Instead, much of their effort has gone into stirring up non-conservaties and faux conservatives with complaints about how Judge McNair refuses to increase different budgets and spend more money. They are selective in where they use this approach because taxpayers in Liberty County would not be likely to vote Knight in if they knew he was going to increase some of his friends salaries or entire department budgets. 

Telling the public, “Judge McNair should be at home by the phone on his days off just in case there is an emergency, “ doesn’t sound like a good campaign slogan either. So they have pretended like Judge McNair is out of state much of the time. But when the facts are presented and it is made known Judge McNair’s daughters have moved to Tennessee and he has visited them a handful of times on weekends. Knight’s whisper campaign just repeats “he is out of state too much!” over and over, and louder and louder.

But the one thing about the “glass” Knight wants voters to look in, people can see in and out of it. When voters look into Knight’s life they see his free time at “honky tonks” playing with a band. He has done it for years. Recently (since he decided to run for office) he even does benefits for people.

 When the voter weighs McNair’s visiting his daughters in his free time verses Knight honky tonking, may be Knight’s negative campaigning will work and he will win. I personally think McNair wins that weigh in however.  

But it is the other thing we see when Knight asked voters to look into where McNair was spending his time that should tilt voters away from Knight. 
Knight is claiming a homestead exemption using his daughter in his scheme. If he wanted taxpayers to vote for him, he should have spent years paying the correct amount of taxes on the property he is being deceptive about, a County Judge who uses his relationship to Allan Connor in the CAD to avoid taxes could have all kinds of other schemes to take advantage of the powers that be if elected.

Are we going to vote a man in office that is already pulling this kind of stuff before he even gets in office? We just got rid of a great deal of the good ole boy system. Do we want to return to it so soon.

By the way, Knight use to attack McNair by saying he gave his sister a “special raise” until County Auditor Harold Seay confirmed that Karen McNair received a standard across the board raise everyone else did.


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Anonymous said...

I pay taxes on all of my properties. I do NOT get two homestead exemotions, neither should jay.

Anonymous said...

Fully support McNair.