Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It is a political year and though the public has grown weary of it, the public is also use to wild-eyed crazy attacks during this time. But who would have ever guessed Ben Streusand, the second place finisher in the race for congressional district 36 , would be desperate enough to use one of Lois Lerner’s “investigations to attack a Republican?
Ben Streusand was set to only have one big mark against him when he signed up to run for the congressional race in district 36, but he felt confident he could use his contacts in Houston to make himself look like a candidate widely supported in a district that he does not live in. He felt confident people in Harris county would not care where a candidate lived.
Whether that is true or not, Streusand was not aware that someone who was more experienced with conservative credentials that lived in the district would sign up to run in the last days before the deadline.
Streusand immediately turned to consultants and a fat wallet to start shooting down Dr. Brian Babin when he saw he no longer was the favored candidate by voters. His researchers took votes having to do with local government and told the voters to beware of Babin he was a big government politician. But when he discovered voters knew Dr. Babin and they did not fall for Streusand’s political tricks, the Streusand people decided to risk using information they should have never mentioned.
Streusand’s people are warning the public about Babin’s problem with his last campaign and an investigation that ended with a heavy fine. Two huge problems with this distortion of truth, The first problem is Babin was not found guilty. But the second problem is huge for Streusand and it is likely why he has not instructed his people to push this distortion too hard until just before the election.
The problem is that voters will find out LOIS LERNER was the person in charge of the so called “investigation.”: Lois Lerner is the IRS witch who has been hunting down conservatives and using her office to throw mud on conservatives for years. Recent news reports indicate she will be found in contempt of Congress and possibly face criminal charges for some of her most recent activities.
Why has Ben Streusand joined the democrats is a question easy to answer. Ben Streusand wants to be a representative in Congress and nothing ……. I mean nothing, including where he lives or the truth about honorable conservative patriots will stop him. Only the voters can stop Ben Streusand.

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Anonymous said...

Case:199408499 - STREUSAND, KATHY J vs. STREUSAND, BENJAMIN E (Court 257) Case dismissed. Streusand's wife tells the goods on Streusand. He is not that wonderful; "family values" guy many Republicans like.Nor is he someone likely to fight for you. Trust me, he will continue to fight for himself. Like he always has.