Saturday, April 19, 2014


Liberty County Judge Craig McNair and his wife, Lisa were the victims of a drunk driver in a head-on crash just down the street from the McNair home at 12:15 a.m. this morning. Liberty Sheriff Department’s report says the couple were sent to Houston’s Hermann Hopsital by Life Flight in stable condition with undetermined injuries.

According to sheriff department’s Sgt. Joel Davila, the wreck occurred in the 800 block of CR 603 in South Liberty County just north of US 90. Davila indicated Judge McNair was northbound on CR 603 driving his 2012 GMC vehicle when a southbound 2007 Ford Expedition driven by German Mata, 17, crossed over into Judge McNair’s lane and struck his vehicle head-on. Mata’s vehicle was equipped with flashing red and blue lights. No reason has been theorized as to why he had these lights on.  Mata did leave the scene and went to a nearby house.

When the responding agencies arrived on the scene, Edgar Mata, 21, the brother of German Mata, was on the scene and claiming to be responsible for the accident.

According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office’s report, Edgar was attempting to take responsibility for the accident caused by his brother, German, who had fled the scene after the crash to his home approximately one mile away. A family member reportedly had driven Edgar to the scene.

When these facts were discovered during the on-scene investigation, Sgt. Davila and Deputy John Bennett of the LCSO, and Dayton Police Officers Siebeurt and Officer Hart went to the Mata home located at 2313 CR 603 and detained German Mata who was found asleep in his bed. The attempt to cover up drunk driving was spoiled when Judge McNair still suffering from the impact and concerned about Lisa noticed that the man at the scene was not the man that had caused the calamity.

German was later turned over to Trooper Godfrey who filed charges on both of the Mata brothers. At this time there is no known reason as to why German Mata was running his vehicle with “red and blue” lights on his vehicle. According to the sheriff’s office report, he had just purchased and installed them a few days prior. Mata was found to have only minor injuries that did not require any treatment.

According to Sgt. Davila, Edgar Mata, was charged with Making a False Report to a Peace Officer and with Public Intoxication. His brother and actual driver of the striking vehicle, German Mata, was charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid, Improper use of Red and Blue Lights and No Texas Driver’s License. Both brothers were placed in the Liberty County jail and will go before a magistrate later.
(Update) Concerned citizens are asked to pray for Craig and Lisa and the girls today. Head on collisions are traumatic. The extent of internal injuries is still unknown. This kind of head on collision has been known to have all kinds of physical and psychological effects. The added drama caused by the Mata's will be an ongoing news item.
Judge McNair reported that he is bruised and very sore and with some cuts but no broken bones. Mrs. McNair suffered the most external injuries with a broken leg, some broken fingers and cuts. Lisa McNair has undergone surgery for the broken leg.


Anonymous said...

Of course my first concern upon hearing this was for Lisa and Craig. My second thought was for their girls. They are in Tennessee. I know this because of the county judge political race and Jay Knight questioning whether a sitting judge should go out of state. (goofy, I know!)After hearing they were stable, my third thought was whether or not this 17 year old ran off simply because he was drunk, or did he run because he is here illegally? I am just being honest. It happens more than it should. U/S/ citizens harmed or killed by people who should not be here.

Anonymous said...

I hope they set the bond high, those Mexicans will run across the border.

Anonymous said...

It is very possible Mr. Mata is here legally. Many young people have been taught to run from responsibility. When he ran, adults at his destination should have gone back with himand helped the situation as much as they could. instead they could be counted on to help the young man with his lie. This is a tragedy on so many levels. The McNairs are really good people with children close to this boy's age. I hope every young person that reads about this will learn what not to do by Mr. Mata's mistake.