Monday, April 14, 2014


Does HCN, the editors or the owners of The Cleveland Advocate and The Dayton News have some kind of connection with Congressional District 36 candidate Ben Streusand? Streusand is a rich powerful mortgage banker that has thirty years of connections, both Democrat and Republican. And while he definitely is considered the establishment candidate, his opponent, Dr. Brian Babin was the very first grassroot congressional favorite in Liberty County. Why does it seem these papers are pushing Streusand rather than reporting what most people would think is a great controvery – IF they only were told about it. 

The controversy is more than the fact that Ben Streusand does not, and never has lived in our district. The controversy is more than Streusand has a history of going in districts that do not have an incumbent and running despite the fact he does not live in the district. The controversy includes the more than thirty times Ben Streusand has stood before people in our district and said he was running here because there was no one here that could do the job. He has also said there is no one living here that has the “intestinal fortitude” to do what needs to be done. All of this is controversial because it comes from a man that has never held elective office, but he has a great deal of money and connections to pay imagemakers and imagebreakers to fool voters about himself and his opponent.

So why is The Cleveland Advocate and The Dayton News writing about three of the former CD36 candidates that have endorsed Streusand when six have endorsed Babin and the public has no knowledge of it from these papers. Is HCN one of Streusand’s “connections”? Will they elect our Congressman?
Why have Dave Norman and Chuck Meyer and Colonel Jim Engstrend backed the man they were running against when he has said so often that they were incapable of doing the job? Why is the endorsement of men that have received so few votes in Liberty County or elsewhere getting such primetime in these papers? 

The Liberty Courier wants the people in this area to hear the truth. We want to say things other media will not say. We do not hide our preferences, but we will also not hide the other media’s preferences and strange omissions and deceptions. 

The local media is reporting on a Republican primary race with the man was the first Republican to win Liberty County in over one hundred years. Dr. Babin is one of the most popular and most qualified and most endorsed and highly regarded candidates we have ever had. If the local newspapers do not report that Streusand does not live in the district and does not believe “ANYONE” in the district is capable, that is news. That news should be reported over and over and over.

Unless……… these newspapers value their own agenda more than informing the people’s opinions that read their newspapers. Streusand spent over $3 million dollars losing in another district he didn’t live in a few years ago. Great sums of money and Houston insiders want to put Ben Streusand in the Congressional seat that represents Liberty County. The Liberty Courier agrees with a wide range of friends and foes alike in Liberty County who continue to check Babin’s names on their ballots. But it will take a massive effort of Liberty County and the other seven counties that already voted for Babin to beat Streusand and all of his connections and his millions.


Anonymous said...

Good story, I have always been suspicious of the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News.

Anonymous said...

We are Anonymous, we are watching you Liberty County

Anonymous said...

Maybe this slick politician running against Brian Babin is buying a hunk of ads from HCN and that has influenced their reporting. The Babin campaign says they have a difficult time getting their press releases in the paper. Either Streusand is slipping some money under the table or the paper is endorsing a non resident against the local favorite.

Anonymous said...

Good story and probably very factual. I'm sure Vanessa Brasher is bought and paid for on this deal. Just watch...