Saturday, April 5, 2014

Honky Tonk Candidate Challenges Liberty County Judge

If you are not from Dayton and are unfamiliar with the people running for the 2014 Liberty County Judge election, there is a man who spends his weekends in honky tonks singing by the name of Jay Knight who is running against airplane pilot and incumbent Craig McNair who spends a few weekends a year visiting his daughter.  Both men are from Dayton.

Craig McNair and family have been a respected fixture in the Liberty County political scene for nearly a decade.  Craig's sister Karen McNair recently ran for Liberty County District Attorney and narrowly lost to Logan Pickett.  Karen McNair works for the Liberty County Attorney's office and is a very respected part of that office and the future in Liberty County.

Because Knight has raised certain questions, voters need to ask themselves a few questions:

1. Should Liberty County listen to Jay Knight and his little buddies as they constantly complain and spread rumors that Craig McNair and his wife Lisa are spending some of his weekends and free time with his daughter?

2. When Jay Knight admits he has for years spent his weekends and days off in honky tonks playing the fiddle, does he and his buds really want the voters to focus on how the two of them spend their free time? It is ridiculous. but it is the only rationale Knight can come up with to change County Judges. What else can he say, that he will raise taxes enough to pay for what each taxpayer wants from the county? No. People want a County Judge tohold taxes down and wait until the economy is better to add services.

3. Does Liberty County need a man that believes Honky Tonking on weekends is better than spending time with your family? Do we need someone who has such an unconventional background for an administrative job like county judge running the Liberty county in between visits to smoky bars and dives?

4. Or, would the people of Liberty County rather have a proven leader who has helped guide Liberty County through troubled times?

Its up to you as voters... do you want an ominous unknown future or one that has been proven?


Anonymous said...

Keep it up Knight and I will send these people how you spent a little time on the hood of a car one night.

Anonymous said...

Jay Knight the great pretender. What a human slug who frequents bars and low life dives. I can just imagines the liberty county courthouse turned into a smoke filled bar dive. No thanks Jay Knight, go padre somewhere else with you bar flies.