Monday, April 28, 2014


The head on collision that County Judge Craig McNair and his wife Lisa survived will not gain a even a short cease fire with his opponent. Despite attending the same church, Jay Knight has decided not to delay campaigning while Craig and Lisa McNair convalesce. 

It is not required, but sometimes you will see campaigns suspend activity, or at least certain kinds of overt activity, when other candidates are experiencing a tragedy. It is obvious by the sudden resurrection of Jay Knight’s campaign signs that Craig McNair will not receive that consideration - an indication to those of us who do not live in Dayton that this may be a very personal race with hard feelings and possibly motivations that the rest of us are unaware of. One thing for sure,any hope and change expected before now should be marred by this reaction to this accident. It is unfortunate that an otherwise very likable person has taken politics to heart. Most of us will be glad when this race is over.

Lisa McNair has had at least three serious surgeries and Craig has spent all ofhis time by her side and dealing with the difficulties being a victimof a head on cause.


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Anonymous said...

I find the lack of caring in our officials disturbing. I was shocked that as hard as Mr. Holcomb ran and lost his son during the campaign and continued to fight afterwards that Mr. Otto couldn't find the decency to send condolences. It's a shame. Knight is no better. But, never fear, as we all can see, the good old boy network is alive and well in Liberty County