Thursday, April 17, 2014


The race for Congressional District 36 is turning out to be a real doozie! It has a man that has no record in elected office or community-mindedness versus a man with thirty years of serving his community. The man with no record has spent his adult life working every angle and every advantage in the banking industry and, as a result, has rolled up quite a nice egg to run for office. The man with all of the hard work in his community has never been paid a dime for his work in the community or for time in elective office, but he has been a successful dentist and has a wonderful family that includes nine grandchildren. The banker has documented his experience and it is with a the microphone as an occasional guest at a local radio station. The dentist took his conservative Republican beliefs and jumped in the arena years ago. While the banker was thinking about changing from Democrat to Republican, the dentist was working hard for Ronald Reagan. And while the banker was entertaining people as a guest on the radio the dentist was taking on Congressional Democrats as he ran for state representative as a Republican when there were no Republicans in this part of Texas. The dentist was a champion for southeast Texas Republicans as he won counties that had not voted Republican in a century. His willingness to take on the liberals helped build the local parties that now dominate the area.

Sound like a mismatch? It gets worse. The banker has a history of running campaigns, dirty campaigns, against Republicans in district he does not even live in. Mortgage banker Ben Streusand had millions of dollars in his campaign coffers and used it attacked Mike McCaul, and now he is doing it against Brian Babin, a dentist from Woodville. If you are unsure of what kind of person Ben Streusand is, ask McCaul (since beating Streusand). Congressman McCaul has won his seat in congress five times since surviving Streusand’s multi-million dollar attacks in 2004. 
Now Ben Streusand has unleashed a barrage of negative television ads.  They started yesterday in the Beaumont TV market and they falsely accuse Brian Babin of raising taxes exhorbitantly during his terms as mayor and city councilman of the City of Woodville and as a board member of Woodville Independent School District nearly 30 and 20 years ago respectively.
Just like his attacks against Congressman Mike McCaul, it is pure mudslinging from a candidate who has no record and is desperate to buy a seat, any seat (anywhere) in Congress. Please read the enclosed letters from our Tyler County Chief Appraiser and Woodville City Manager stating the truth of these allegations.
As a Mayor and city councilman Babin LOWERED taxes over 70% . Shame on you, Mr. Streusand. You sent a man a team and spent two weeks trying to dig up dirt on Babin in his hometown and you found none. Shame on you for fabricating and deceiving and lying.
As a WISD board member in the early to mid 90’s Babin had to comply with the Equalization or ‘Robin Hood’ legislation forced on Texas schools by the Democratically controlled Texas Legislature at the time. Through it all Babin and Woodville managed to keep taxes down and still provided n excellent education for their students and protected the tax payers of their district. The Robin Hood mandate was ruled unconstitutional by the Texas Supreme Court 2 years later.
Mr. Streusand who doesn’t even live in our district simply doesn’t understand what the leaders and elected officials of East Texas small town and city officials and school boards have to do to provide the basic services for our constituents and students while keeping taxes down.
Mr. Streusand has never held a public office or position in which he has had to balance a budget or make hard decisions.
He lives in Congressional District 10 which runs all the way over to Austin. He has never lived in Congressional District 36 where he suddenly has a desire to represent us in Washington without knowing anything about us.
If you are for a sound fiscal policy, a balanced budget and for repealing Obamacare, and you want gun rights defended and a national defense with secure our borders and you want to push back the socialist Obama policies, vote for Dr. Brian Babin. He will spend his campaign money promoting these values.

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Alma Heraldez said...

Why is Babin not defending himself with facts about those allegations?? Put out the evidence that what Streusand is saying is a LIE!! I was going to vote for Streisand, but after reading this blog, I'm voting for Babin, which is who I voted for during the primary!! I don't want another RINO in Congress.