Sunday, April 6, 2014


In a shocking introduction to at least 8 out of the 9 counties in congressional district 36, Be n Streusand, the candidate who placed a distant second in the primary, has repeatedly insulted the entire district.  All we can assume is Streusand is using attention getting techniques he has learned in his time on the radio to get name recognition, since he has refused to change his inflammatory rhetoric toward the voters. 

The “technique” that gained him 16% of the votes in the 2014 Republican primary is to insult the voters that live in the district and possibly appeal to Democrats who have flocked to vote in the Republican primary in rural counties and perhaps to use a different method in Harris County. The candidate who had twice as many votes as Streusand in the district clobbered him by even more in 8 out of 9 counties. Since his opponent is so popular in these counties, it is thought Streusand is trying to appeal to all of the democrats who are voting in the Republican primary so they can have a say in contested races. Streusand seems to assume they will try and defeat the largest vote getter of the Republican primary so the democrat will have more of a chance in the general election.

What has Streusand said in rural counties that is so insulting it has gained a great deal of attention by those who normally pay little attention to election time rhetoric? In at least thirty different events where Streusand has spoken in a rural county he has explained to voters that the reason he is running is “there is no one in this district that is capable of doing what needs to be done”. 

Of course, that comment is an insult to everyone who will be voting in the district, but it did not stop 2 out of his 11 opponents in the primary from endorsing him. 8 of the other 9 have endorsed Briabn Babin and one has not endorsed. The two who have endorsed the man that has told us all that no one was capable in the district of doing the job evidently have made Streusand’s extensive payroll or they regretted thinking they were good enough to run for congress. 

Another version of Streusand’s insult to the district voters is that “No one living in this district has the intestinal fortitude to do what it will take in Washington”. No one here knows for sure whether Streusand used this technique when he ran in his own district and voters rejected him despite him spending millions of dollars in a losing effort. It is believed he has a different less insulting message for voters in Harris County and that they will never hear what he has said over and over again in the rural counties. Though we disagree with his strategy if he thinks the tremendous increase in democrats voting in rural county primaries will yield an effort to defeat who they think is the most difficult candidate for Democrats to beat (Brian Babin, the overwhelming winner in the primary), it is an unusual tactic. 

When a top Streusand staffer was confronted about the insults, he eventually responded that he has tried for weeks to get his candidate to drop that kind of language. “He just won’t listen”. That description of Streusand from his own team makes me think he may not listen to us voters either.
I guess it is live by the sword die by the sword. Streusand has never held elective office and touts his experience in debating a radio audience as his example of unyielding courage that is needed in Washington. The difference may be the voters do not go away when the next caller calls in and a congressman does not have an “on” and “off” switch. In fact, this kind of shocking statement may be good for radio ratings but we seriously doubt the people in the Harris County portion of this district are as impressed with Ben Streusand as Streusand says they are.

Or perhaps the fact that his opponent in this primary enetered at the last moment and Streusand did not change planned speeches after a more experienced candidate joined the race.

Check out the following youtube videos and listen to a resident of CD 36. And next time you see ben Streusand tell him he is wrong about where we live. the people in CD 36 are hard working Texans and we have more than enough good candidates than to have to import a slick talking mortgage banker from that brags that he has always lived in the big city.


At least Hillary moved to New York BEFORE she ran for Congress and she had not lost elsewhere like Streusand did in CD 10. CD 36 is a district full of strong Texans. we do not need to import candidates. As the primary results indicated, Streusand is not the strongest candidate in this field any more than he was in CD 10 when he ran there 2 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Case:199408499 - STREUSAND, KATHY J vs. STREUSAND, BENJAMIN E (Court 257) Case dismissed. Streusand's wife tells the goods on Streusand. He is not that wonderful; "family values" guy many Republicans like.Nor is he someone likely to fight for you. Trust me, he will continue to fight for himself. Like he always has.

Anonymous said...

To add insult to injury, Ben Struesand was a Democrat until recently when it became politically convenient to switch to the GOP. He worked for Democrats and gave $$ to Democrats up until he ran for Congress in CD-10 in 2004. He also never voted in a Republican primary before that!