Thursday, April 10, 2014

BEN STREUSAND GREED- Who should get the blame for subprime fiasco?


At a time when millions of Americans have lost their homes, and millions more are upside down, and may yet lose their homes, and with several thousand of these people in Texas’s 36th Congressional District, Why is it that Ben Streusand feels that he deserves a seat in Congress after profiting from the mortgage collapse? Seems to me like he ought to be doing another kind of serving time.
Be aware of who you vote for, there are issues at stake that we cannot afford to risk on someone with Ben Streusand’s troubled past.
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When Ben Streusand’s Clinton-like “research team” left Brian Babin’s hometown after spending two weeks looking for anything they could find to demonize their opponent, voters will be pleased to know they found NOTHING. Notice I said pleased. Not surprised. Babin has been one of the most popular conservative candidate’s ever to put his name on a ballot in East Texas. Voters know him and like him and trust him.


The facts did not deter Streusand’s decision to sling mud and try to overcome the fact he did not actually live in this district,  Taxes were raised thirty years ago and Babin was on the board that voted unanimously to raise them. Streusand knew the rest of the story because his team knew it. But he left out that everyone in Woodville’s position raised taxes to adjust to the mandates in the Robin Hood plan the Supreme Court of Texas had upheld.


Streusand blindsides Babin with this and filmed his response to a vote that was cast three decades ago. He thinks this makes Babin look bad. Well I hope voters don’t send this kind of person to Washington D.C. thinking this kind of tactics will work up there. Streusand will be ripped to shreads if he tries this amateur debate stuff in Congress. Just like in this case, someone will look back and see what actually happened. Channel 12 did. Babin was a tax cutter and acted and voted like all conservatives did in Texas with the circumstances of that time.


Streusand says he would have done differently. But had he decided to vote as he said and had he influenced enough others to do the same …… there is no question it would have cost Woodville taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. The highest court in the land had already ruled on Robin Hood.


It is highly unlikely Streusand would have voted as he says he would have however. Records reveal a younger Streusand had other similarities with Clinton (besides his opposition research/hit team). Besides working as a staffer for Democrats, court records from a filing for a divorce indicate he may have had Monica-like problems.


So in the midst of his Democrat brethren and a swinging life style, Ben Streusand would have taken on this expensive issue? No. He would not have been elected and he never has been elected to represent conservatives anywhere at anytime. Ben Streusand was fortunate to patch up a marriage he all but destroyed and he was out seeking his fortune. A fortune he would accumulate through taking advantage of Dodd-Frank and what has become known as the home loan debacle. He has no record in office and the record he does have is one that most people would not put out there in front of their neighbors.


The last district Streusand tried to purchase his congressional seat in rejected him 2 to 1 on election day. If people that know his history don’t vote this time, we will have someone in Washington who will be working for himself – not us. Please vote May 27th.

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Anonymous said...

Ask Streusand and he will tell you he is not a Christian. he also believes all is fair in politics. he deserved to lose in his first race and he deserves to lose in this one. Even if he lived in the district, he is not the type person most people want representing them.

Anonymous said...

Case:199408499 - STREUSAND, KATHY J vs. STREUSAND, BENJAMIN E (Court 257) Case dismissed. Streusand's wife tells the goods on Streusand. He is not that wonderful; "family values" guy many Republicans like.Nor is he someone likely to fight for you. Trust me, he will continue to fight for himself. Like he always has.

Anonymous said...

What a human piece of garbage mortgage banker. People like him are the reason millions of people have lost their homes. Mr predatory lender and you want to get your hands on Washington' money. Money greed and financial rape.

Anonymous said...

According to the grapevine this guy can't keep his wanky in his pants.

Anonymous said...

He has a record of dirty campaigning. He hires computer geniuses to load google up the way he wants it. he moved into district 10 and did the same thing there. Voters rejected himin the end but he scared alot of people when they learned who he was.

Anonymous said...

I hate these blood sucking bankers, we lost our home because of people like Strusand.

Anonymous said...

This guy is trying to buy his way into office. Streusand keeps losing political races, but the people who have a financial interest in banking keep throwing money at his campaign. It's pathetic to see these rich fat cats who are trying to get people elected to enslave us and take our money away. Establishment corrupt elite bankers.