Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Voters in North Harris County: Before you go to the polls in November to elect a U.S. Sate Representative, there is a very real and terrifying fact you simply must know about Brian Babin.
No, it’s not that he’s a dentist instead of a general practitioner (both deal with the horrors of ObamaCare). Or that he worked Ronald Reagan campaign as local and regional chairman (he did…. But some strict libertarians may not like the association) and Ben Streusand was a Democrat then. It’s far more sinister than that. Babin actually lives in the district and the part he lives in is not Harris County (though he will have an easily accessible office for this portion of his constituents). Now that is sinister! Ben Streusand is pitting the eight rural counties of District 36 against those living in the Spring area. And he does not live in any of the areas he thinks will put him over the top on election day (in fact, he has not lived in the last two districts he has run for congress in). This is the same kind of strategy that kept Republicans from winning office years in the past – Babin would already be a Congressman had Democrats not used the same strategy.
Yes, now we are suppose to believe that Babin having lived for more than three decades in Woodville (close to the center of the district), where he’s raised a family, gone to church, shopped at the local stores and paid the car tax is a negative thing. Has the world gone mad?
Do Harris County voters know Babin has many more years debating and actually working in communities to defeat Democrats while Streusand has had a few years as a guests on the radio in there area? Do they know Babin is a popular champion for the rest of the district having actually taken his record in elective office and his contributions to the community and won the popular vote in several of these counties and lost to a democrat because of the same voter segregation scheme Streusand has cooked up?

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