Sunday, April 6, 2014


Present day evidence seems to indicate Adolf Hitler "unwittingly" married a Jewish woman when he wed his mistress, Eva Braun, hours before committing suicide in 1945.  Hitler is responsible for the death of over six million Jews and for spreading hatred and violent prejudice against the race of people that Jesus Christ came from.

Braun is the focus of  Great Britain's Channel 4 documentary titled "Dead Famous DNA," in which DNA from the relics of famous historical figures is extracted and analyzed to help solve mysteries associated with them. A DNA analysis was conducted on hair samples from a brush monogrammed "E.B." that was found at the end of World War II at Hitler's Alpine residence by an American intelligence officer. The brush allegedly belonged to Braun and DNA analysis purportedly showed it "contained the hair of someone who could have had Jewish ancestry," specifically Ashkenazi Jew ancestry, according to Channel 4.

We can not say, but Hitler may have received news of this revelation upon his arrival in Hell and perhaps it adds to his daily torment. All those people who are misguided enough to emulate Hitler, and believe it or not there are some, should learn from one more example of his pitiful life.


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