Saturday, April 12, 2014


Like our current President, if you go back twenty years ago in Ben Streusand’s life you would never think there would be any possibility of a rise in political leadership. But Streusand has hidden backers lurking in the shadows that continue to fund bids on Streusand’s behalf as he continues to wait for new election cycles to run in open seats in different districts in Texas. This desperation for a seat, any seat, leads many to wonder who is buying this seat for him.

If you flash back twenty years ago and court records, Streusand appears to be a serial adulterer that is set to go through a nasty divorce. He also is playing on the opposite political team he is today. He is donating big bucks and buddying up to Democrats back in that day. In the 1980’s and 1990’s he is failing to pay his taxes, but since then he has not failed to pay megabucks to computer spinmeisters to bury deep in Google.

But the tide turned against Democrats in Texas and Streusand decided to change colors. He made millions as a mortgage banker during an opportunity in that industry that true conservatives say never should have happened. Streusand doesn’t blink an eye however; he just acts like his knowledge of that industry will be an advantage……. The problem is “the advantage” may be for those in the shadows rather than for voters in southeast Texas.
Streusand tried to erase his past with his wife and with Democrats. The couple reconciled (he must be one heckuva an apologizer when he finally comes clean!). He even became the head of large and effective Republican group. He also became a regular on talk radio. But like Obama, he has never held elective office. He is best known for talking. He is a rich man that has richer men backing him. He buys election help and has a record for attacking the grassroots’ choice. He uses his Houston connections to make him appear to be the Tea Party choice……. Insiders’ money to appeal to people who consider themselves outsiders.
Streusand, like Obama, in many ways has really not changed from then to now. Streusand is still looking out for Streusand. He does what he has to do to make money and he will do what he has to do to win a seat in the House. His high pitched, effeminate voice knows the right buttons to push on the radio. His imagemakers have had to work on what he says on the campaign trail. They want him to tone down his arrogance and attack his opponent. But like Obama, he just can’t stop it. No more than he can stop that slight tilt he has when he thinks he is being brilliant – his nose tilted upwards, and his arrogance filling the air.

Why is some of this relevant? It shouldn't be. It wouldn't be. His opponent primary races against  Republicans with class and the races have all been repsectful.   But his opponent also has had years of going into counties where evry official was a democrat and laying out the case for conservative leadership/ Streusand's imagemakers have lied and acted like he has been at this for years and he has had to go in other becuase nobody there has his years of experince. The fact is Dr. Babin blazed the trail in this area for Republicans by his articulate tough face to face debate with Democrats when Streusand was on their side. Streusand came along when it was popular and debated on the radio. he claims he is the man that has been in the arena. If Dr. Babin won't brag on himself and he won't point out how deceptive this man is, we will. 

Voters found out just in time to spank Streusand at the polls in district 10 and we need to spread the word now. We don't need imagemakers electing any more community organizers and rich mortgage bankers……. ELECTION DAY MAY 27

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Anonymous said...

He presents himself well, but the voters in district 10 found out who he was before it was too late. The only support he got in the end were people who were so busy they didn't hear or see what kind of person he really is. My brother lives in Spring. I made sure he knows.