Monday, April 7, 2014


Ben Streusand does not live in congressional district 36 and he has said he is running in that district because there is no one there capable of doing the job. He also said he did not know any of the eleven other candidates that signed up to run in the Republican primary. When voters connected the dots and wondered aloud how he could say such a thing if he did not know his opponents or many people in the district, Streusand set himself up to either bow out of a race or have an all out character attack against whoever made a run-off (if he was in a run-off with someone). 

When Dr. Brian Babin threw his hat in the ring there was very little doubt who would win 8 of the 9 counties in the district. With his name ID still registering from campaigns in the past when he debated conservative values and philosophy with the ruling Democrats, Babin doubled Streusand’s vote totals. But with twelve candidates in the race, Babin did not get enough votes to avoid a run off.

Without hesitation, Streusand sent staff to Babin’s hometown to try and get an angle so he could attack Babin and overcome his own residency problem. Streusand has never held elective office so just like our current President, he decided his lack of experience left him beyond criticism and in a position in his mind to attack without repercussion.

Several areas of attack have already surfaced as Streusand’s political team is calling people and push polling. Push polling is a method that usually uses a boiler room type set up of paid callers that pretend they are taking a poll on a political race. The “push” part comes in when the pollster starts to give “information” to the voter that would tend to make most people vote for their candidate.

Streusand’s people have touted some of their endorsements in their push polling and of course left out that Babin has just as many or more conservative endorsements. They have also distorted Babin voting record. They are attempting to discredit Babin and in doing so they think the voter will then think Streusand was right, there is no capable candidate here in CD 36. An example of their distortion is leaving out the fact the state had mandate with Robin Hood when Babin was elected to the school board. Streusand tries to trick voters into believing Babin voted for a sizable tax hike for Woodville ISD when he, in fact, knows that was the time of the Robin Hood plan. 

Streusand leaves out a lot of details when he says Babin was a tax and spender as a city councilman. His Clinton-like opposition research had to go back thirty years to city council records to argue this.  While it is true a much younger Brian Babin in his first few days as a councilman voted to fund sewage hookups for people finished with their construction. The maxed out sewage system was paid for by a one cent raise in taxes. But what Streusand leaves out is that no one voted against allowing people to have commodes to flush and water for their bath tubs and washing machines. Streusand leaves out the fact Babin did what voters wanted him to do and he won elections easily. Streusand fails to point out these decisions were without objection.

Not having ever been elected, Streusand is attacking a candidate in every way he can and he is using his connections in Harris County to twist some arms and use sources outside the district to influence endorsements inside the district. While it is true politics is not a place for sissies to tread. It is also true elective offices that are filled with people who have no experience and reinvent their opponent to look like something they aren’t often end up with Obama like results. People who talk us to death while their nose is pointed slightly toward the clouds as they sit in seat they feel they deserve because of who they are and who they know. Streusand may can bury Babin by using money to phone us to death and fill our mailboxes to capacity and even interrupt our favorite t.v. show, but those who know Babin know he is the kind of person who could run and win in any district.  

But he is also the kind of person that has enough integrity to only place his name on a ballot where he lives, regardless of loopholes in election law.

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